No-Contact Heart Rate Monitor

#imageprocessing #pulse #webcam #python #quantifiedself

The Problem

Webcam Pulse Detector

Currently, getting heart rate requires special equipment. Additionally, lots of physiological data in space are hidden within video logs of astronauts.

The Mission

Help uncover this information by improving the webcam pulse detector (

Mission Breakdown

Specific applications include:

  • Telemedicine during conferences with crew while they are in space
  • Getting correlated heart rate data from vlog entries
  • Being able to easily turn on heart rate detection during a telemedicine consult without extra equipment
  • Pulse rate detection during political debates

Possible steps to take:

  • Attempt tracking heart rate with movement
  • Adapt the detection to work on pre-recorded video
  • Experiment with R, G, B filtering on video feed for different lighting conditions
  • Track multiple heart rates from one feed
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